November 28, 2010

Happy 47th!

My dad never really celebrates his birthday this huge. It was actually a present from my mom who saw how haggard daddy was in the previous election. He deserves a break anyway.

Happy 47th Daddy!

The first to arrive was our parish priest, Among Vega

You may not ask, but daddy is a very generous person. He may have had his share of mishaps
when he was younger but people change, right? I suppose all teenagers have had theirs. 

But look at all these people who were beside him through his ups and downs.
He didn't even ask these people to be with him all the time, to support and care.
It just shows how much respect and love these people have for my dad.

Sorry for being emotional but I'm just so proud of him :)

He was also blessed with loving and true friends.
Sure there were some who weren't, but let's not talk them.
It just ruins my good mood.

And of course...

And I think that's enough :)

Highlight of the Night:
 Sean and Trisha Kissing Scene. Hahaha
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Yehes!!! Hahaha

Since it's my blog, let me flood you with MY pictures :)
 Ate Anna. Pauline. Me. Trisha.

 Me. Sean. Lorenz.

What I wore that day:

Dress from Seventeen
Random brand ballet flats

Photo courtesy: Mayelle Magat

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