December 11, 2010

Bon Voyage Sarah!

Hello fellow bloggers! Sorry for not updating that much. It has been a hectic month! I haven't had the chance to make kwentooooos. Sorry!

Our lovely friend Sarah is leaving for California, leaving behind her lovey dovey Jayson Jayco and of course her most precious college friends. Oh noesssss :(

We have to eat the Filipino way so Sarah will be able to feel the Filipino vibes before heading out of PI.
We had salted eggs, tomatoes and chicharon! We ate using banana leaves :)

From this... this.
Eewness galore.

Jayson and Sarah.
Aww :(

We both love singing our hearts out! Hahahaha! Boo, on the other hand doesn't seem to love when we sing our hearts out. Hahaha!

 With my best bud: Kaye Patiu

 We enjoyed taking our pictures! And of course Sandra's Farmville as our background :)

 Me. Sarah. Trish. Boo. Jayson

 Put your lighters in the air! :)
Kaye. Me. Trish. Boo

 We will surely miss you Sarah! Goodluck on your next destination! See you soon love! Bon Voyage!

 And lastly...
My outfit that night... (I will never forget, of course)
Top from Forever21
Shorts from BottomLine Shop
Random ballet flats
Accessories from Guess

Photo Courtesy: Trish Gonzales

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