November 5, 2010

Greenhills Invasion

To tell you honestly, it's my first time to go there. Hahaha. 
The clothes are a bit overpriced though. I guess some of the online shops only buy their clothes there.

Before heading to anywhere, who doesn't stop at near gasoline stations? :)

He's my nephew. Been playing with him all throughout the ride!
You prolly know him by now. Too many pictures of him here.

I went to Greenhills just to buy myself an accessory! Hahaha! Wasn't able to buy clothes. Fail.

What I wore that day:

Random Brand Silk Top
Denim Shorts from Hollister
Random Brand Ballet Flats
Hand-me-down Vintage Bag
Braided Belt from Kirin Kirin

Photo By: Mayelle Magat

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