October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

It is the time of year where people are excused to dress up like anyone they want to be.
We went to SM Pampanga and took Sean (my nephew) to his first ever Trick or Treat! 

He was dressed here as a Buccaneer

And here, he was dressed as a skeleton. (Isn't he adorable?)

Bumped into Kaye

After the Trick or Treat at SM, we went straight to my fiance's family Halloween Party and...
Sean is dressed as Sylvester The Cat and Chris as a Scarecrow
I was dressed as a Lady Angel

What I wore that day:

Black Top from Forever 21
Printed Harem Pants from BottomLine Shop
Black Slippers from Toeberries
Black Belt from Polo Sport
Black Bag from Guess

Photo by: Faye Magat

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