October 6, 2010

Unexpected Mini Funshoot

This day was allotted for a meeting at a random coffee shop. But it turned out to be a photoshoot day. So I grabbed my bag, grabbed all the clothes my hand could get into. I didn't even had the time to put on nice make up. Haha. You can see on the following photos that I'm not blessed in any make-up blah blah. Sad :(

It was great, though, because I had fun! It is really good when you have a fun crew all throughout the photo shoot. It is always necessary that every photographer and model should communicate. In that case, both parties won't feel awkward. And maybe, a little bit of laughter every now and then won't hurt.

First shot. It's kind of vintage-yI like the way the colors blended on my lace dress.

Second shot. I didn't realize that this picture has too many triangles in it. Not until the photographer told me. Haha. This lace dress is such a bargain. I just bought it for 500 pesos! :)

I forgot to mention my partner! He's a very good friend-slash-close relative. This shot reminds me of a pre-nuptial shot. So a major no no to post on my facebook.

I so loooove this. Too bad I still don't have the copy of my solo picture.

Upon looking at this, I realized I should have styled myself a bit more.

I wonder why my skin's flawless (minus the lines under my eyes) in this picture. I just wish it's as flawless as it is in person. Hahaha. :) I just realized I haven't groomed my eyebrows here.

So there you go! Our unexpected Mini Funshoot!
Photographer: Tyabers Tyabelito (haven't asked his real name though)
Models: Jenny Magat and Francis Carlo Punsalan

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