October 5, 2010

Friday at Friday's

Me, Kaye, Boo and Deth
I was so bored at home so I decided to stroll the mall and called Kaye to meet me and have coffee together. Then we bumped into Patrick (our college batchmate), he bought us caramel waffles! :) So yummy.

Boo just had her day-off that day so we decided to have dinner together somewhere in AC at around 6pm.They arrived at 730! And because of that, I was Chai Tea Latte overdosed! Hahaha.

While deciding where to eat
Boo, Deth, Donald, Kaye and yours truly.
Kaye and I :)

My outfit for tonight!
Top from Forever 21
Random brand jeans
Belt from Kirin Kirin
Bag from Parisian
Shoes from Riza's

Photo by: Bernadeth Guiao

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