July 24, 2011


I think I'm hooked on Harry Potter. I find myself wanting to pass through Platform 9 & 3/4 and arrive at Hogwarts and be on the Gryffindor Team and then be part of the Quidditch Tournament. I'm now aware of the 7 Horcruxes which I find amusing and The Tale Of The Three Brothers. I would then, after several years, be able to fight You-Know-Who or more commonly known as Lord Voldemort, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or The Dark Lord, whatever you want to call him. 

Lately, I've been fantasizing of being a member of the Order of the Phoenix and fight the Death Eaters. I even wanted to own an Invisibility Cloak and an Elder Wand so I can stupefy those people who annoy me and have the chance to spell the famous Wyngardium Levi-o-sa not Levio-sa. Now, I think my Patronus is in the shape of a polar bear. 

Not to worry, I wouldn't name my son Albus Dumbledore nor Severus Snape. Maybe Neville Longbottom will do. Haha Just kidding. 

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