February 2, 2011

SO! F.A.B.

So what's this blog about?
I stumbled upon Little Miss Dress Up's blog and they're having another give away contest featuring SO! F.A.B.'s shoe collection. Here's the link: SO! F.A.B. Giveaway
I am now lusting over SO! F.A.B.'s collections! From the booties to the pumps! 
I can be a totally different girl with each design!

This STABLE shoes in black makes me want to rock the night out pairing
them with black stockings and black rocker shirt! 

This FINEST shoes gives me the feminine feeling perfect for a date!
I so love the color! So girly!

While most of the girls aren't into the clogs, well, for me, I consider them as a
closet must-haves! With this ELPIS clogs in brown, you will never ever trip! Haha
And moreover, it can make you look feminine but with a laid-back feeling.

And of course, if our body needs rest, and so are our feet! With this HYPNOS shoes in green,
you will always feel and look comfortable! :)

So there, my own choice of footwear! Want to choose yours? Here!
Also... check out one of their brand ambassador which happens to be my fave blogger, Rosanna Aranaz
This is her blog together Hanna Choa Yu

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