October 27, 2010

Sandra's Silver

Boo. Me. Paula. Deth. Kaye. Sandra.
It was supposed to be a surprise pre-party for Ate Sandra but I don't how it ended unsurprised! Haha. Happy 25th Birthday Ate Sandra!

 Rolly. Me. Kaye. Paula

The party started at around 7 pm and ended the morning after. I left the party earlier cause I have to. Haha.
The night was so fun! Chika there chika here chika everywhere. Too many secrets were revealed. Bwahahahaha. But honestly, I'll keep my word for it --along with my friends.
 Me. Angelica. Boo

The best part is-- I didn't get drunk! Hahaha. A little bit tipsy though cause I don't remember some pictures taken! This one, to be exact. And look at the girl far right. Yeah, she's drunk. Hahaha. Sorry Boo.

With my best pal Rolly

With Sandra and Alex

This was my outfit for the night.
Blazer from TopPicks
Top from Lhasa
Shorts from Hollister
Belt from Kirin Kirin
Random brand shoes
Random brand beret

Photo by: Angelica Dimalanta

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